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SandGarden Law group provides business and estate planning services.   Our business law services are specifically tailored for small and medium sized businesses.    Many small businesses don’t develop a close relationship with a legal expert.   They either do without legal advice, or they seek help only in emergencies.   Most small businesses have had the following concerns or negative experiences in working with lawyers:

  • Many business find that corporate law firms specialize in mergers, or large scale litigation, and don’t focus on the day to day business issues that small and medium sized businesses need.
  • Some business owners feel angry because their lawyers charge so much for time that they can’t afford to ask basic questions or get high quality, in depth service.
  • Other business owners feel that there is no way for them to develop the kind of advisory relationship that large businesses enjoy with in-house counsel.

By focusing on the daily legal issues of small businesses, and by providing a unique collaborative partnership to clients, SandGarden Law Group can help clients find cost-effective solutions to legal concerns and get access to legal information from a trusted advisor.  By getting more pro-active legal support and reducing risk and liability, SandGarden helps clients keep legal costs reasonable while maximizing opportunities for growth and expansion.

Areas of Law

SandGarden provides conscientious and accessible legal solutions for individuals, families, and small businesses; focusing on:

  • Business Law for small and medium sized businesses
    • including start-up services, contracts, permits and regulations, LLC and incorporation issues, and IP
    • Industry-specific expertise
    • Business succession planning
  • Estate Planning
    • Wills and Trusts
    • LGBT Issues and Estates

The SandGarden Approach

SandGarden Law Group applies a collaborative approach with individuals and businesses seeking legal help.  Our unique, project-oriented approach to business law means that small businesses can find legal solutions at all levels, tailored to their specific needs.   SandGarden believes that small businesses should be able to find accessible, high-quality legal services, and provides a range of tools (including flat fee, capped fees, and initial consultation packages) to help small businesses reach their legal and growth goals.

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